Highlighting Homegrown Expertise

Gamal is a member of the Ababda bedouin tribe of Marsa Alam: a people whose work culture centers on being entrepreneurial and self-sufficient. In 2016, he witnessed our solar station for The Oasis Resort being developed and was intrigued. “I saw people bringing light to the desert and wanted to be part of that” he says.

The coastline of the town of Marsa Alam is home to a beautiful array of coral life and diving destinations, making it a hotspot for tourism. However, local hotels and resorts had long depended on unreliable sources of energy, in the form of diesel powered generators. In the absence of a national electricity grid, the city itself had long relied on energy generated by diesel supplied by the Canal Company. In 2015, we started constructing a solar station with the intent of supplying electricity to two resorts in the Marsa Shagra area of  Marsa Alam: Marsa Shagra Eco Lodge and Oasis. This relatively small station had a capacity of 75 kilowatts, and supplied the resorts with a clean, reliable source of energy at a competitive price that does not fluctuate based on the price of diesel.

From his time volunteering as a manual laborer, Gamal displayed a striking curiosity about KarmSolar, its work culture, and its mission. The company quickly recognized the reciprocity of ideals and hired him to be part of its operations in the area.

Gamal Abd ElKader

“What I really like about KarmSolar is its essence. It’s a place where everyone works together for a common goal. The environment of knowledge dissemination keeps me curious and excited about the prospects of what is possible for my people, and my hometown.”

Overtime, Gamal learned how to operate and monitor the performance of a solar grid, becoming aware of all the nuances and technical aspects involved. Today, he oversees the day-to-day performance of 3 of our projects in Marsa Alam.

”I instill the same level of self-motivation and enthusiasm for our projects in the team I manage. And while it may sound like an exaggeration, we all prefer to be at work contributing to an organization we see as developing our region than taking days off.”

There is a high degree of synergy between the values of energy independence KarmSolar promotes and the aspirations of the people of Marsa Alam. And Gamal is a testament to how homegrown expertise can be empowered to lead the way towards a brighter future for this region.  

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