KarmSolar's Community Involvement 2022

KarmSolar views proper corporate citizenship as a key component of sustainable development. As part of our daily operations,we face the complex challenge of focusing our resources towards supporting economic growth and improved living standards, while simultaneously balancing our impact on society and the environment.

Here are the highlights of our CSR activitiesof 2022:


Sponsoring the Plastic-Free Fresca Campaign


Fresca is a popular Egyptian seaside wafer treat mostly sold on the Mediterranean beaches. Over the past 20 years, vendors have been selling it in plastic bags, which long outlive their purpose and more often than not end up as trash in the sea, polluting and endangering the inhabiting wildlife.

Environmental design firm; Drumstick Design Studio, came up with an inspiring initiative in 2019, aiming to engage people in the process of substituting hazardous plastic bags with sustainable, 100% recycled paper packaging.

2022 marks the third year in a row for KarmSolar to sponsor this campaign; targeting beaches from Alexandria all the way to Marsa Matruh. The purpose of the campaign is twofold; raising awareness about the damages of single-use plastic, as well as decreasing the environmental imprint of beachgoers who just want to enjoy a tasty sea-side snack.

The plastic bags were replaced with paper packets with small, simple tips written on the back providing ways by which people can decrease their everyday plastic use at home, in supermarkets, and on the go.

Made of 100% recycable material, Fresca's package replaces single use plastic material
Fresca's 100% recycable packaging

A total of 51,000 plastic bags were saved from being thrown in the sea in the summer of 2022, and a staggering total of 127,590 bags were saved over the campaign’s three-year journey, equivalent to the combined weight of 15 people! A truly inspiring initiative that we’ll always be #1 supporters of.

51000 single use plastic packages where prevented from contaminating the beaches along the Mediterranean coastlinee
Beaches where 51000 Fresca Packages can be found


KarmSolar X VeryNile


In honor of KarmSolar’s 11th anniversary, we decided to spend our weekend at Qursayah Island in a Nile cleanup organized by VeryNile, an organization committed to developing sustainable methods to cleaning the Nile, while spreading knowledge about the significance of protecting our environment.

To kickstart the day, the VeryNile team took us on a tour of their HQ where they showed us their recycling efforts; mainly the compression of plastic bottles into large cubes for ease of transport, as well as their upcycling activities in their VeryNile Workshop led by the local women of Qursayah; enabling these women to turn plastic bags into beautifully designed products.

The KarmSolar team then conducted a Nile cleanup, wherein we were able to remove 43 Kgs of plastic from the waters, and then each member had the joy of making their own personalized DIY products courtesy of the upcycling methods taught to us by the very talented women of Qursayah. A day full of team bonding and taking care of our planet, we definitely found our new favorite tradition.

KarmSolar's team conducting a Nile cleanup at VeryNile HQ in Qursaya Island for KarmSolar's 11th anniversary
KarmSolar's team conducting a Nile cleanup at VeryNile HQ in Qursaya Island

KarmSolar also collaborated with VeryNile in the design and implementation of our very own, custom-made KarmSolar merch using upcycled plastic distributed as giveaways during our participation in the 2022 AUC and GUC Employment Fairs.

A selection of products made of upcycled plastic made up VeryNile's local women of Qursaya Island as giveaways for AUC and GUC employment fairs
KarmSolar X VeryNile merchandise made out of upcycled plastic


What’s next?


‘22 was a truly fun and inspiring year for all of the KarmSolar team where we got to be directly involved in the change we want to see and are continuously striving towards- with more initiatives to come, focused on not just environmental but societal development as well.

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