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the fastest 3m egp financing solution

tenants financing program

KarmSolar is using alternative data to generate credit limits and provide financing services to tenants in Arkan Plaza who are supplied electricity by KarmSolar. The program is exclusive to businesses operating in Arkan Plaza.


Industry-shaping solar energy solutions expanding our partners' utility horizons well beyond traditional energy.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) solar stations are customized to client needs, require no upfront investment, and can cover up to 95% of the client’s energy consumption.

KarmSolar invests in, manages, and operates the electricity infrastructure of malls and commercial developments, and installs a dedicated solar station on-site.

- EV Charging
- Tenants Financing Program
- KarmSolar Smart Meters

Businesses and facilities not connected to the national grid can benefit from a solar PPA solution that integrates with their existing electricity setup such as diesel generator sets.


A snapshot of the organizations trusting KarmSolar with their solar energy infrastructure.

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the karmsolar group

The karmsolar group


KarmSolar is a multi-utility enterprise and service provider specialized in innovative and sustainable solar energy solutions.We are capturing the entire value chain of electricity generation, distribution, and management by designing tailored energy solutions for a wide range of partners in the agricultural, manufacturing, commercial, and hospitality industries.

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karm architecture lab - kal

Karm Architecture Lab - KAL is a specialized firm in high performance architectural solutions using creative environmental design & energy efficient strategies. This approach is adopted by a team of highly skilled and innovative architects and engineers, creating visually stimulating harmonious designs that integrate with the local contextual factors. The distinct purpose of this approach is to redefine the composition of developments into harmonious, healthy, efficient and occupant-focused built environments.

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Andromeda is the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) arm of KarmSolar. Andromeda is responsible for onsite execution of our projects and the setup of KarmSolar stations and systems. Andromeda also leads Operations and Maintenance (O&M) efforts for all KarmSolar operated stations in Egypt.

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KarmWater, the water solutions division of KarmSolar, today announced the inauguration of the first solar-powered water desalination plant in Marsa Alam with a 50% increased daily capacity of 300 m3/day. The station provides water with a 42% better water salinity compared to other conventional sources in the area. The station was built under a WPA (Water Purchase Agreement) contract with Red Sea Diving Safari – Marsa Shagra; one of the oldest resorts in the Red Sea region, and will cover 100% of the resort’s water needs all-year round. The water produced is provided at a competitive price that values 25% less than the market norm.

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Want to  power your farm, your factory, your hotel, your commercial project or your home with a cheaper,  eco-friendly, reliable solution?


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