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At KarmSolar, we pride ourselves in our network of 60+ investors since establishment. All of whom have contributed more than just capital to our growth, playing an integral part in the KarmSolar story. We commemorate our network of investors in the Shareholders Section, and invite you to contact our Investment Team.

board of directors

Amr Amin El Sawaf
Chairman of the Board
Managing Director at Promotrade
Fredric Belloy
Vice Chairman
Executive VP International OPS at EDF Renewables
Alexis Chalot
Board Member
Microgrid Director at EDF Renewables
Karim Moussa
Board Member
Head of Asset Management at EFG Hermes
Stephane Debruyne
Board Member
International CFO at EDF Renewables
Walid Hassouna
Board Member
CEO at EFG Hermes
Ahmed Zahran
Board Member
Co-Founder and CEO at KarmSolar
“We are delighted to establish this partnership to support KarmSolar in the delivery of its innovative business model. This partnership is fully in line with EDF Renewables strategy to offer relevant solutions helping commercial & industrial customers achieve their low carbon ambitions through the production and consumption of a competitive renewable energy"

Executive VP International Operations for EDF Renewables, Frederic Belloy

timeline of KEY PROJECTS

First Solar Pumping Project
33 wells for Fridal in Bahariya Oasis
Egypt's First
IPP License
1.0 MW PPA Off-grid solar solution for Juhayna
Joining the FiT
2.2 MW Feed-in-Tariff Station in Sahl Hashish
Largest Solar
PPA in Egypt
16.8 MW PPA solar station in Wadi Natroun
KarmWater's First Project
Solar Desalination Station in Marsa Alam
Launch of Marsa Alam Solar Grid
Permit to distribute 10MW in Marsa Alam
highlights from the blog

karmsolar stories

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reports and portfolio

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