KarmWater: Solar-Powered Water Desalination Solutions

KarmWater has been an ambition of ours for years. Since the beginning, in 2012, the long-term vision has been to develop the KarmSolar organization into a multi-utility enterprise, offering it’s services to a spectrum of client businesses across Egypt. Now that we are thrilled to announce our new water solutions division, we can proudly say that the commercial offering of the KarmSolar Group includes Energy, Construction, and Water utilities.

KarmWater designs, builds, and operates solar-powered water desalination plants, made-to-measure, for clients across the country. Leveraging our expertise in solar energy, the solar element of the solution dramatically cuts the operational costs of water desalination plants that are notorious for their high electricity consumption and bills. This makes our water desalination solution a lot more accessible and attractive to potential clients.

We’ve been developing KarmWater for years, but the decision came to officially launch the new water solutions division with the signing of our first project in Marsa Alam.

KarmWater signed an initial agreement with Marsa Shagra Resort to establish a solar-powered water desalination plant on-site to supply Marsa Shagra with potable fresh water. The plant will generate a capacity of 200m3 of desalinated potable water to Marsa Shagra that will satisfy 100% of the seaside resort’s water needs. We are proud to be working with Marsa Shagra once again, a dear partner and one of the Red Sea market’s first believers in KarmSolar.

The future is bright and full of opportunities in the water solutions market. Solar-powered water desalination is where we’ve kicked off, but our Research & Development and New Ventures teams are looking into further harnessing our resources and expertise to be able to offer more innovative products and solutions to the market. Solutions such as solar-integrated water storage to help agri-developers manage irrigation among other industry-shaping water utility innovations.

The decision to launch KarmWater couldn’t have come at a better time on a national scale. According to the latest report on water sector regulation by the World Bank, water resources in Egypt are under great pressure. A rapidly growing population, increasing activity in the industrial and agricultural sectors, development in upstream countries, and climate change are among the factors contributing to our rapidly depleting non-renewable water resources. It’s up to initiatives such as KarmWater that provide innovative, renewable, and sustainable water solutions to support Egypt as we navigate the coming period.

Learn more about KarmWater and solar-powered water desalination for your business and industry by getting in touch with KarmWater Manager Zeina el Tohamy at or reaching out to our social media pages below.





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