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through a bEhaviorial scoring system

KarmSolar is a multi utility enterprise and service provider specialized in measuring solar energy solutions. We are capturing the entire value chain of electricity generation, distribution, and management by designing tailored energy solutions for a wide range of partners in the agricultural, manufacturing, commercial, and hospitality industries.

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tenants financing program

how it works?

Exclusive to Arkan tenants.

The aim of the program is to analyze patterns of electricity usage and transmit alternative data to ValU in order to determine customized credit limits for individual tenants. KarmSolar is responsible for providing energy behavior data and handling collections, while ValU evaluates the behavior scoring data and establishes the credit limits.

Why apply to our program

No financial statements required from businesses as they will be assessed on their behavioral credit scoring

Fast and straightforward financing process; receive your funds instantly (same day or next day) after you have applied

An exclusive program to businesses operating in Arkan, with the most exclusive and competitive interest rates

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Frequently asked questions

What is the behavioral scoring system?

The behavioral scoring system evaluates electricity consumption patterns to determine credit limits granted to each individual tenant.

What can the financing be used for?

Financing for critical business expenses and operating expenses

who can apply for the tenant financing program?

This program is exclusive for arkan tenants only.

will there be a tailored financing program for every tenant?

Yes, there is a tailored depending on the electricity consumption patterns regarding every tenant

how do i apply for this program?

Fill out the application form and you will be contacted shortly to activate your account and submit the documents required.